There are some very realizable benefits that your company can achieve with a presence on the web. Some include the following:

1. A website that can answer common questions about your company will increase the effectiveness of your staff. Rather than spending valuable time on the phone responding to ordinary informational questions, your staff can tend to important day-to-day tasks with fewer interruptions.

2. Your company can relay important information to your client base instantaneously and in a cost-effective manner. Updates to your website can be accessed simultaneously by thousands at the click of a mouse. Posting critical, late-breaking information on your company website is the most cost-effective way of distributing information quickly to a large audience. Updates or new advertising can be made at any time of the day, all at a much lower cost than traditional advertising methods.

3. Increase your client or customer base. The number of internet users has been increasing on compound basis, hence the potential for reaching new clients is tremendous. Usage of the Internet grows daily, and unless you establish a web presence soon, you could be left behind while your competitors become a familiar face to your client base. Even more important may be the fact that the majority of Internet users are well-educated and in higher-income brackets.